Home Remedies And Treatments For Nasal Polyps

Home Remedies And Treatments For Nasal Polyps

The growths inside the nasal cavity and sinuses can be nasal polyps. These polyps can make breathing difficult. They appear like small grapes and are normally benign. While the causes for nasal polyps can be attributed to many factors, however allergic reaction is known to trigger the problem. Health problems asthma and cystic fibrosis are also known to lead to nasal polyps.

In case the nasal polyps become large then surgery may be recommended by your doctor. In case the nasal polyps are smaller in size then they may not block the nasal passage completely and therefore you can try home remedies.

Although people of all age can get this problem but it has been noted that those over the age of 40 and those suffering from asthma are more prone to get this problem. As indicated earlier, those with sinus infection and cystic fibrosis are also prone to get nasal polyps.

When the size of the polyps is big then you may find it really difficult to breathe through the nose and that is why doctors advise for a surgical removal of the polyps. But surgery may not be able to prevent re occurrence of nasal polyps after a brief period of relief.

Home remedies

Nasal Rinse

One of the age old home remedy for nasal polyps is the use of nasal rinse to get rid of nasal polyps. A nasal rinse is nothing but saline water or water mixed with salt.

Saline spray can be purchase from a local pharmacy without proscription. Whereas saline solution can be prepared at home by mixing warm water and salt.

Take one tablespoon of salt and mix it in a cup of warm water and mix it well. Use a bulb syringe or a spray bottle to pour this water and use it as a nasal rinse. Another device used is called a neti pot.

Use the spray to apply the saline solution into the nostrils several times a day. This will remove dirt, irritants and other contamination from the nose.

If you use a bulb syringe or neti pot the pour water into one of the nostrils by bending slightly and let the saline water come out from the other nostril. Repeat multiple times in a day.

Long term use of nasal rinse is not recommended as it may remove some of the much needed elements from the mucus membrane.

Horseradish and Honey

The second home remedy that is used by many people is the mix of horse radish and honey.Horse radish is considered to be a highly effective herb for treating nasal polyps. However, not many people like the flavor and taste of horse radish. This is the reason it is often mixed with honey and consumed.

For treating your nasal polyps you can two cups of grated horse radish and mix it with two cups of honey and mix the two items well.

Now consume one tablespoon of this mix twice a dat. Once in the morning and then again in the evening. By the time you finish the mix you created your nasal polyps should vanish.

If there is need then you can make the mix again and consume it for a longer period.

Citrus Fruits

The next home remedy that is tried and tested is the use of citrus fruits like orange, grapefruit, lemons and others.

These fruits contain natural vitamin C and therefore you will not only be eliminating nasal polyps but you will also be boosting the immune system. This means that the body will have the capability to fight other diseases also.
The bioflavonoids contained in citrus fruits also helps in improving the strength of the blood vessels and nasal tissues that make up the nasal cavity.
You should consume these citrus fruits on a regular basis in order to keep nasal polyps at bay.

Along with the home remedies you also need to make lifestyle changes. If you live in an area that has lot of pollutants then make sure to use air purification filters at home.

Similarly you should avoid taking aspirin as it can worsen the condition. If allergy is causing polyps then identify the items that trigger allergy and avoid them at all cost.

In conclusion, small sized polyps may not cause a lot of problem and can be handled with the help of home remedies for nasal polyps. However, large sized polyps may make breathing difficult and therefore proper medical intervention may be required.

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